Today was another wonderful day for viewing orcas in the area. It began this morning with sighting the A36’s and A12 foraging at Cracroft Point. As we watched mezmerized, A12 and A37 began traveling further west along the Hanson Island shore, they were soon joined by A37 and finally A32 who had been foraging steadily back at the Point. We sat and listened to their beautiful A-Clan calls via the hydrophone and then began making our way back towards the west. Looking back we could see some tall dorsal fins, likely A32 and A37 foraging back at Cracroft Point in the flood current; we had lost sight of A12 who had been foraging with A46 nearby only moments ago. Suddenly A46 was seen charging alongside and keeping pace parallel with us as we traveled. We slowed to let him go by and surprising us, he crossed over and was headed for the Bauza Islets on Vancouver Island. We headed in the direction of Weynton Passage and while we were observing some bird activity around a herring ball we were thrilled to see a Humpback Whale emerge feeding in the flood current along with numerous Stellar Sea Lions; it was an amazing sight to see them tumbling all around the whale in the swirling current. Passengers on the afternoon Motor Cruise began their tour with more wonderful viewing of the Humpback Whale and Stellar Sea Lions feeding in the current. Leaving Weynton Passage, two orca pods, the A30’s and A24’s including A73 were sighted foraging off Bold Head. As passengers watched they slowly made their way across Blackfish Sound and then proceeded to pass through the ‘Blowhole’, a narrow waterway that separates Hanson Island from the Plumper Island group. The A30’s were in the lead this afternoon followed by the A24’s, passing through the Blowhole and then the small waterway that separates Little Weynton Island from Hanson Island, entering then into Johnstone Strait. Visually it was a powerfully rich and memorable experience for all onboard to witness. The A30’s navigated this same route in the afternoon on July 31. It was exceptionally beautiful and a wonderful way to make our way home via the scenic island waterways . Other species also seen today: Dall’s Porpoises, Harbour Seals, Bald Eagles and an Eaglet in the nest, Rhinoceros Auklets ++, Common Murres and Pigeon Guillemots.