Today a brisk se wind was again blowing in Johnstone Strait when we headed out this early morning. Sightings of Humpback Whales in the Queen Charlotte Strait and Blackfish Sound had been reported and we headed in that direction. We sighted a Minke Whale en route and also watched a Humpback Whale breaching four times in the distance. As it turned out there were four Humpback Whales in the area near Bold Head with numerous herring balls being worked by gulls galore, Rhinoceros Auklets and Common Murres. It was spectacular and fascinating viewing; the Humpback Whales lunge feeding in the midst of a frenzy of feeding sea birds! The sun was shining brightly and the lighting on the white caps of waves as the birds and whales fed was quite extraordinary especially for those who had never witnessed such a spectacle before. As we headed for home 5 Transient Orcas were reported travelling rapidly to the east in Johnstone Strait and were very quickly east of Blinkhorn in heavy seas. We ended out tour cruising through the Plumper Island waterways; the trees on land were sparkling, as were the underwater kelp forests. The forest was alive with the sound of Belted Kingfishers as they darted back and forth and the Stellar Sea Lion colony had some 50 +individuals hauled out. Other species also seen today were: Harbour Seals, Dalls Porpoises, Bald Eagles, Red-necked Phalaropes+++, Black Oystercatchers, California, Glaucous-winged & Herring Gulls.