It was an exciting morning with a report of orcas heading east in Johnstone Strait at Boat Bay and some traveling west in Blackfish Sound early in the a.m. We made our way through Weynton Passage viewing hauled out Harbour Seals and Stellar Sea Lions along the way and into the Queen Charlotte Strait where a large dorsal fin was sighted. Initially two males and a female orca were seen and passengers observed as they made their way into Blackfish Sound, they were identified as C6 and her sons C14 and C18. Suddenly more orcas were sighted further behind them, it was C8, C22 and C27 with C16 trailing behind them. It was wonderful to watch as they made their way in the Sound, the orcas coming together briefly in a resting line with C16 still trailing behind. A small group of Pacific White-sided Dolphins appeared from nowhere and mobbed the orcas briefly before heading on their way to the west. The orcas continued to travel against the ebb current and were observed spy-hopping and milling about in the bull kelp briefly at the entrance to the small passage at the bottom of Hansen Island, continuing through Blackney Passage and into Johnstone Strait. A Humpback Whale had also been sighted near Parsons Light at the same time and it was incredible for all onboard to be viewing not only Orcas but a Humpback Whale and two Stellar Sea Lions swimming in the water, all at the same time. Other sightings today included: Dall’s Porpoises, Rhinoceros Auklets, Black Turnstones, Red-necked Phalaropes, Belted Kingfishers, a Storm Petrel, Mew and Herring Gulls and Bald Eagles.