It was a beautiful day on the water despite the fact that there was a heavy fog this morning through much of the area that we normally travel however, Johnstone Strait cleared early and we headed down the Strait pausing at the Stephenson Islands to view some Harbour Seals hauled out and various seabird species. Near Weynton Island a single Sabine’s Gull was sighted, it being very distinct from other birds when in flight with a striking black, white, and gray wing pattern it also had a forked tail and was flying with other gulls. Shortly after we were joined by 10 or more exuberant Dall’s Porpoises who rode at the bow of our boat much to the delight of our passengers. It was reported that a Humpback was making its way west in Johnstone Strait and we sighted it along the shore near to Kaikash Beach, it was traveling fairly quickly and did not fluke its tail for the duration of our viewing. We cruised slowly through several island waterways enjoying the immense beauty that they provide all the while listening intently to the distinct calls of Belted Kingfishers darting back and forth and Bald Eagles on top of their lofty perches. There were numerous Stellar Sea Lions swimming in the water that added even more interest to the tour. Sighting two Eaglets on top of their nest and later a third one and then viewing a Bald Eagle who had just caught a salmon and dragged it ashore commencing to feed on it, was a wonderful ending to a very relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable tour for our guests and crew alike. Other sightings today included: Rhinoceros Auklets, Black Turnstones, Pigeon Guillemots, Black Oyster Catches, Common Murres, Red-necked Phalaropes, Mew and Herring Gulls.