What a treat it was today being out on tour viewing marine life. Rain showers beckoned to the east and west of us but as luck would have it, there were only a few sprinkles of rain falling. Our first encounter with a Humpback Whale this morning was exciting especially for those who had never seen a whale before and it is always sobering to recall ones own first encounter and the excitement, joy and wonder expressed and to never take for granted the sheer size and extraordinary grace that Humpback Whales display. In Weynton Passage there were numerous Stellar Sea Lions hauled out and many more in the water swimming that we passed en route to viewing more Humpback Whales. The current was flooding and it was fabulous observing the seabird activity as Common Murres and Rhinoceros Auklets actively worked the area and numerous herring balls could be seen with both bird species feeding alongside gulls and whales. We were fortunate to view four Humpback Whales today and it was especially exciting to see them passing near to the boat, diving and surfacing amongst the birds. Observing two whales feeding together made for some exceptional viewing and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Other sightings today included: Harbour Seals, Red-necked Phalaropes, Pelagic Cormorants, A Pacific and Common Loon, Surf Scoters, Mew and Herring Gulls.