As we entered Weynton Passage this morning a minke whale was sighted foraging near to Stubbs Island in a back-eddy as the ebb current flowed rapidly out to the west and we too headed in that direction as a large group of pacific white-sided dolphins had been reported in the vicinity of Lizard Point and Donegal Head. Rounding Donegal Head we were soon spotting their small dorsal fins and some splashing in the distance as a few of them leaped clear of the water. Drawing closer the dolphins were clearly visible, their streamlined bodies moving with ease under the water and alongside the boat, some choosing to bow-ride briefly. It was difficult to estimate the number as they were well spread out across the bottom end of the Queen Charlotte Strait and as far across as Penfold Island. Turning back and looking towards Stubbs Island a sighting of a single male orca surfacing twice and that of 2-3 smaller orcas travelling close-by was glimpsed by our deck-hand in the far distance but was not seen again. The distance was too far and the sighting too brief to get a good idea as to where the orcas were headed, they were likely transient orcas passing through the area and as is typical with them, taking long dives and changing direction it is always hard to keep track of their movement even when a sighting is made close by. With so much prey in the area today (dolphins, seals and dall's porpoises) they were fortunate. Passengers enjoyed a nice encounter with some dall's porpoises who rode at the bow of the boat briefly as we headed home, the sighting of numerous hauled out harbour seals, bald eagles and their nests with three eaglets sighted was enjoyed by all immensely.