The morning found the orcas in Johnstone Strait resting, they were the A24’s, A23’s and A85 they were close along the Vancouver Island shoreline where the fog lay low on the water before disappearing completely and we could see their dorsal fins and blows in the distance, a striking contrast against the treed shoreline and whiteness of the fog. As they made their way further east they picked up speed, the A24’s were in the lead, the others following a distance behind as they made their way closer to the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve and their rubbing beaches. Watching their synchronized surfacing with breathes taken prior to their dive was mesmerizing and beautiful to watch. Leaving them to enter the Reserve, we left the area and made our way back via Blackfish Sound and the Plumper Islands where the scenery today was spectacular and where kelp forests and tree foliage sparkled in the sunshine. Other sightings included: stellar sea lions, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, belted kingfishers, herring, california and mew gulls, red-necked phalaropes, common murres, black turnstones, marbled murrelets, a fork-tailed storm petrel and bald eagles with two eaglets, one in a nest and one sitting high in the branches of a tree near its parents.