Soon after leaving the dock in Alder Bay this morning orcas were sighted nearby, they were the same groups as yesterday but this time the A23’s were the lead group with the A24’s following behind somewhat playfully as our passengers observed much interaction between family members and as they rubbed in along the kelp strewn shoreline, some tail slapping and spy-hopping was observed and lingering moments in amongst the kelp forests as we sailed along with the help of a light NW breeze. After leaving the orcas we traveled into Blackfish Sound where we encountered some heavy fog patches however the humpback whale ‘Freckles’ was clearly visible as it moved about in circles feeding in the Sound. The highlight of the tour was some fabulous viewing of a large group of exuberant dalls porpoises who leaped and darted around the sides and bow of the boat, they were clearly enjoying themselves as were all of us on board! Traveling home through various island waterways and back into sunshine it was good to see an eaglet in one nest and at another nest, where two eaglets had previously shared, one of them was sighted in branches just above its nest while the other was high on a bough of a different tree with the parents sitting nearby. Other sightings included: hauled out harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, belted kingfishers, herring, california and mew gulls, red-necked phalaropes, common murres and marbled murrelets,