Traveling into the Queen Charlotte Strait this morning large gatherings of gulls could be seen spread over a wide area with other seabirds gathering with herring ball activity. A humpback whale was sighted traveling west while we were en route to view the orcas that we lost track of while viewing the orcas. We sighted the orcas at Black Bluff, they were well spread out, some close in towards the shore while others were further out. As we were viewing A60 as he foraged a distance away suddenly a young orca appeared just off the bow of the boat surprising everyone. The vessel stopped and while drifting we watched in astonishment as it swam the length of the boat and then around the boat three times, it was chasing salmon and surfaced the last time with a salmon in its mouth. It was an amazing experience, the memory of which will last a long time for everyone on board. The orcas who had headed west this morning had been the A24’s and we believe that the A23’s were also with them with our viewing of A60. We left the orcas at Bere Point, watching as they cleared the beach, they were still traveling west. Other sightings included: rhinoceros auklets, common murres, pigeon guillemots, herring, california and mew gulls.