It was a beautiful day for touring, beginning with fog and ending with brilliant sunshine. As we made our way through Weynton Passage this morning the fog hung low in places allowing ones imagination to wander amongst the islands as they were slowly revealed to us, the beauty unfolding around us was breathtaking. We encountered orcas as they made their way quickly west in the heavy ebb current near Stubbs Island, they were well spread out, some making their way very close along the shoreline at Donegal Head. We were able to identify the A35’s and we also saw A60 and A85 there were other orcas with them but we could not be sure who. We left the orcas as they continued moving west and headed to Bold Head where we had sighted blows of a humpback whale, it was fabulous watching as it surfaced and dived and exciting to see two more humpback whales, a mother and her young calf. As we waited for them to surface after a long dive we were suddenly surprised to see the calf breaching once, it was an amazing sight! Other sightings included: steller sea lions, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, herring, california, bonaparte and mew gulls, common murres, black oyster catchers, red-necked phalaropes, pelagic cormorants, belted kingfishers, bald eagles and two eaglets in a nest.