Today’s tour happened like magic, it was action packed with much to see at every turn. As we made our way towards the entrance of Weynton Passage two humpback whale blows could be seen in close proximity to each other and as we came closer, it was exciting to see the humpback whales and observe their dive sequence. A light SE wind was blowing and as we were watching the whales, there was a report of a large group of pacific white-sided dolphins entering Johnstone Strait at Blackney Passage and they were making their way to the west. Not wanting to miss this opportunity to see the dolphins we began pulling away from the whales and as we did so a large Minke Whale surfaced porpoising, it was fabulous to see. We caught up to the dolphins near Blinkhorn, it was a very large group of several hundred intent on moving to the west at a rapid pace and with the SE wind at our back we sailed along with them. Dolphins bring out the best in everyone, you cannot help but laugh in their presence. Some were riding at the bow briefly, others could be seen leaping clear out of the water, watching them was indeed a treat that will long be remembered by everyone on board. Traveling back through Weynton Passage, some 70 ++ stellar sea lions were sighted, they too were extraordinary to watch, some were hauled out but most were swimming together in a group and some were sighted later, swimming offshore. In the distance the blows of two humpback whales were again sighted and moving in their direction we caught up with them, watching as another group of dolphins could be seen charging off in the direction of the other dolphins, a few stragglers were left behind and could be seen feeding out in the Queen Charlotte Strait. Two of the humpback whales were identified, one being ‘Cutter’ a whale that was first identified as a new whale in the area on August 24th, the other was KC a whale that is seen frequently in the area. Altogether we saw four humpback whales, they were well spread out and as we watched one surface and dive another three could also be seen in other parts of Blackfish Sound. Just as we were leaving the area where we had been observing KC resting on the surface of the water, suddenly and spontaneously, KC was seen breaching clear out of the water; it was a tremendous photo opportunity for some! We traveled home via the scenic waterways of the Plumper Islands, they were magical today with sparkling waters and kelp forests glistening in the sunshine. Other sightings: dalls porpoises, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, herring, california and mew gulls, red-necked phalaropes, black turnstones, belted kingfishers, pelagic cormorants & bald eagles. An elephant seal was also been sighted briefly, resting at the surface of the water it dived and disappeared quickly at the sound of an approaching boat before a photo could be taken.