When we set out this morning the weather was cool and the visibility poor from rain and low lying cloud but as we neared Donegal Head we could make out the splashings of a very large group of Pacific White-sided Dolphins (100-200) in the distance. They were well spread out across to Bold Head and into Blackfish Sound. The current was ebbing quickly and small splinter groups of dolphins, mothers and their calves were observed feeding a distance away from the larger group. We continued further east into Blackfish Sound and as the rain ceased there appeared in the distance the fluke of a Humpback Whale and soon after another was sighted down towards Parsons Light and finally a third one suddenly surfaced nearby. KC and Twister were among those we sighted today. Passing through narrow and very scenic waterways on the way home, the kelp forests were fascinating to look down at through the crystal clear waters and numerous Bald Eagles could be seen perched high in the tree tops, their wings wide spread and drying. And suddenly, when we were not expecting it, the sighting of a Minke Whale identified as ‘Rapid’ was a splendid way to end the tour on. Other sightings included: harbour seals, dalls and harbour porpoises, rhinoceros auklets, glaucous-winged and herring gulls, pigeon guillemots and cassin’s auklets.