It was an incredibly beautiful day on the North Island and especially so being out on tour with calm sparkling blue waters and the sun shining in all directions! Two Transient orcas, T11 & T11A were reported heading west in the ebb current after we set out on tour this morning and turning back we also headed west. With reports of the orcas picking up speed and being well ahead we turned back and in Cormorant Channel sighted a harbour porpoise followed by a minke whale. The viewing today was exceptionally beautiful with kelp forests sparkling from above and below the water and one could not help being drawn to the snow capped mountains on both the BC coast and Vancouver Island, they seemed to beckon us, their whiteness drawing a sharp contrast to the bright blue sky and water. Other sightings included: harbour seals, dalls porpoises, rhinoceros and cassin’s auklets and bald eagles.