Today was a great day on the water and exciting from the moment of our first sighting of a humpback whale blow. A few more blows were sighted and then the whale breached, all being viewed from a distance away then suddenly the whale surfaced nearby where it appeared to be lying on the surface of the water resting briefly between taking breaths. When the whale resurfaced it was near to Stubbs Island and was soon seen foraging back and forth in wide circles meanwhile a second humpback whale was sighted in Blackfish Sound. The humpback whale that we encountered and enjoyed viewing was identified as KC (Kelp Creature). Other sightings included: harbour seals, dalls and harbour porpoises, rhinoceros and cassin’s auklets, mew and herring gulls, belted kingfishers and bald eagles. Over recent days there has been minke whale and humpback whale sightings in the area and yesterday 8 Biggs orcas (Transients)passed through Cormorant Channel heading west, two Minke Whales were also nearby at this time and a large group of pacific white-sided dolphins. The orcas were: the T109A’s, T69A’s and T12A.