It was another sunny day on the North Island and an especially beautiful day on the water. This morning we headed east in Johnstone Strait as orcas had been reported in the strait earlier in the morning before we had left on tour. They were the same resident orcas (the A5 pods) who had arrived yesterday. Having travelled west initially the orcas turned back and we met up with the A23 Matriline just as they had stopped to mill around the east end of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve and commenced travelling west again to the delight of our passengers onboard. A60 was in the lead most of the time, he was foraging a distance from the shoreline that his sister A43 followed close to, along with her calves A69 and A95. They were travelling at a fair speed and were soon past the western reserve boundary. Throughout our viewing, the orcas were in the company of a group of pacific white-sided dolphins who were playful and interacting and at times mobbing the orcas as they tend to do whilst in the company of resident orcas. Other sightings included: dalls porpoises, rhinoceros and cassin’s auklets, common murres, mew gulls and bald eagles.