It was a fabulous day of viewing despite the fog that cleared quickly in Johnstone Strait. We encountered resident orcas this morning as they travelled to the west along the Vancouver Island shore near Kaikash, they were spread out, moving slowly and resting against the flood current. Passengers onboard had some exciting viewing of the A23’s/A61 and A35’s. In particular, A61 (from the A25 Matriline) was identified swimming alongside A77 (from the A35 Matriline), as well A70 and her calf were also nearby. We observed some foraging activity and at one point A77 suddenly appeared cruising alongside the boat under water and looking down some passengers watched it chasing salmon. As they foraged and we listened on the hydrophone, their A-Clan calls and ecolocation could be heard. We cruised through the Plumper Islands and into Blackfish Sound where 100 ++ pacific white-sided dolphins were sighted, they were well spread out in all directions intent on feeding and it was wonderful watching them up close and from a distance. Other sightings included: harbour seals, rhinoceros and cassin’s auklets, harlequin ducks, california and mew gulls, black oyster catchers, belted kingfishers and bald eagles.