This morning while on tour we made our way into Blackfish Sound where a humpback whale had been reported being earlier and we sighted its blow down by Parsons light. As we drew closer we observed that it was surfacing briefly between long dives. It began swimming along the Swanson shoreline and headed directly towards a herring ball, surfacing among the auklets and gulls who were also feeding. We enjoyed some good viewing before making our way further west towards Bold Head, sighting another humpback whale in the middle between Bold Head and Donegal Head. As we watched, the cloud cover disappeared and the warm sun began shinning bright. Other sightings included: pacific white-sided dolphins, harbour seals, dalls porpoises, rhinoceros and cassin’s auklets, california and mew gulls, red-neck phalaropes, an eaglet in a nest and other bald eagles.