Two humpback whales sighted today

Humpback Whale: Black Pearl Black Pearl

Humpback Whale: Guardian

What a great tour we had today and an exciting one. When we headed out on tour this morning the current was slack and turning to flood with a westerly breeze which enhanced the day, it was a beautiful one! We cruised into Blackfish Sound and scanned and scanned


and could not see any blows off into the distance which was disappointing initially, it was very quiet in Blackfish Sound. Suddenly near West Pass a humpback whale was suddenly sighted and disappeared and it did not appear again. It was a mystery until we sighted a humpback whale across the Sound near Orca Lab and we headed in that direction. Passengers onboard, meanwhile were pointing backwards to a humpback whale surfacing and yet at the same time ahead of us was yet another! Thanks to Christie, now that we are back on shore and able to send her our id photo's,  she has solved our mystery and can tell us that we had indeed  sighted two humpback whales today, one being Black Pearl and the other Guardian. The sightings were very sporadic, both whales taking long dives and their surfacing's were at 10-15 minute intervals. It was fabulous, the sun was shinning bright and everyone was delighted at seeing the humpback whales.