Two humpback whales again today!

humpback whale humpback whale

When we headed out this morning the lighting was wonderful and looking down Johnstone Strait the colour was a beautiful blue. Passing through a narrow waterway in the Plumper Islands we sighted a new bald eagle's nest very high up in the tree line while bald eagle's were observed swooping low over the water fishing. We scanned in all directions and down Blackfish Sound but could not see any blows in sight and kept on cruising with our mainsail up. Suddenly a single blow was sighted near the top end of Swanson Island and moving back in that direction another blow was finally seen by everyone on board confirming the sighting of a humpback whale. It was exciting to see, surfacing at 5 minute intervals and taking some 8-9 breathes, the whale we observed was taking shallow dives and only once while we watched did it fluke, yet even then, barely raising its tail high. Looking in another direction as we began making our way back to the west in Blackfish Sound another humpback whale was sighted while back behind us, the other whale could also be seen. Heading for home everyone felt contented knowing that there was not only one but two whales feeding in the area,  both of them moving back and forth in the flooding current. It was another fabulous day partaking of some wonderful sights and sounds!