Resident Orcas A30's & A42's and Humpback Whales ~ Superb viewing and wonderful vocalizations!

When leaving the dock each morning we never know what lies ahead of us and so it was today, in a blanket of mist and fog that we departed on tour, not knowing what the day would bring but as we ventured east in Johnstone Strait, the day began to brighten and the fog clear enabling us to see far into the distance. Soon numerous common murres were seen grouped together sitting on the water and then the blows of two humpback whales. The whales were travelling to the west and close along the Hanson Island shoreline, their backs arching high before they disappeared from view! It was a fabulous beginning and an exciting start to our tour. We carried on and were soon east of Cracroft Point, the line of fog was ahead of us and then breaking through the fog came the orcas! They were the A30's and the A42's travelling back to the west and towards Blackney Passage. The orcas commenced foraging, A38 and A66 were close to one another and more mid Strait  and as we drifted off Blackney Passage with our engine off and hydrophone deployed, we began listening to the beautiful A-Clan calls of the orcas as they began foraging intensively and while we were a distance away from the orcas and spinning around in the flooding current, A50 and A54 and their off-spring were soon foraging into the current nearby. The viewing was superb as were the vocalizations and echolocation heard via our hydrophone. With the orcas foraging freely back and forth and lunge feeding++, we could clearly see them chasing salmon and at one point we had the privilege watching spell-bound as one young orca carried a chunk of salmon in its mouth towards us, it was a very special moment and will be long remembered by all of us! How amazing was our day, delightful beyond words! Up in Weynton Passage on our way home we enjoyed viewing two humpback whales, they were working the area in wide circles in the now ebbing current. Arriving back into Alder Bay there were the two juvenile river otters waiting on the dock! Also seen today: stellar sea-lions, harbour seals, cassin's auklets, marbled and ancient murrelets, bald eagles and gull species. Today's penned comments: "Thanks for your hospitality, food and the beautiful amazing unforgettable day trip. We won't forget! Thank you both and the whales!" ~ Yoon & Pim, Holland

"Words are too short to describe our experience with your hospitality and professionalism. We have had one highlight of our lifetime trip of 6 weeks through AB & BC. This one whale/humpback/seals watching trip has been placed into our memory for the rest of our lives. Thanks for all good care and seamanship you have shown us."    ~Trudy & Cor, Holland

"Thanks for another magnificent trip! What a beautiful day! " ~ Sarah

"Thank you! ~ Pauline, USA

"Thank you very much, fabulous day on the water." ~ Murray, Linda & Shelia ~ BC

"Its been an amazing day. I really enjoy your hospitality and the good tea and food. I've seen a good show. A fabulous journey, thank you for your wonderful energy and an unbelievable experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." ~ Keryn, Quebec

"There's always hope for people who can see and understand the natural path of wilderness. Our Beluga's from the St-Lawrence River (Quebec) are sick from cancer. Too much traffic, too much digging, too much dredging and petroleum exploitation. Thank you very much for this unforgettable moment with the orcas." ~Bilitis, QuebecIMG_7879 IMG_7884 IMG_7885 IMG_7887 IMG_7891 IMG_7914 IMG_7943 IMG_7989 IMG_8021 IMG_8027 IMG_8064 IMG_8066 IMG_8074 IMG_8080 IMG_8083 IMG_8086 IMG_8100 IMG_8103 IMG_8106