Easter Monday ~ A surprise sighting of orcas!

It was a beautiful day and just as we were leaving the Bay for an outing on the water we sighted a blow in the distance followed by a tall dorsal fin! Orcas were on the move and rapidly heading west passing the light in front of the Nimpkish River, we believed that they were Biggs (Transients) orcas.  We only stayed briefly (one surfacing series) to take photo's to pass on for ID work and left them to carry on. The familiar waterways of Johnstone Strait and Blackfish Sound looked spectacular today and we were mindfully aware of the immense beauty of our surroundings that somehow never ceases to amaze us! Thanks to Jared, the orcas that we were fortunate to see were the T101s and the T124As. IMG_0323

IMG_0349 IMG_0327 IMG_0339 IMG_0352 IMG_0355