Saying NO to Tidal Turbines in Critical Whale Habitat ~The deadline for comment is April 9, 2015

Many of you may or may not be aware that two proposals by Weyl Power Ltd, and both using underwater turbines to generate power, have been put forward by application to the BC Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO). If these applications are successful, it will allow for the instalment of technical and investigative monitoring equipment into killer whale habitat which could then lead to turbines also being located in the acknowledged northern resident killer whale habitat. The two applications:

(1) Johnstone Strait between Hanson Island and Telegraph Cove (File: #1414321)

(2) Broughton Strait, western end of Malcolm Island (File: #1414325)

There are just two days left for people with concerns to make a comment expressing that these applications for tenure must not be granted. April 9, 2015 is the last day for acceptance of comments by MFLNRO.

Jackie Hildering of the Marine Detective website: has considerable information on her blog that she has presented for anyone wanting information and or help in writing a comment against these two proposals.

Here is another link with information by David Kirby on the proposed turbines:

We at Seasmoke Whale Watching have spent some 29 years+ in these local waters and especially in the vicinity of Weynton Passage and Johnstone Strait where so many marine species live and navigate through year round; we cannot consider for a moment the possibility of these tidal turbines being constructed. The tidal current surging through Weynton Passage and adjacent to Hanson Island and a portion on Vancouver Island just east of Telegraph Cove on a flood and ebb current is immense, and while observing, one cannot help but be overwhelmed by the abundance of species feeding in the surging current. It is sheer madness to even begin thinking of a Tidal Turbine being constructed in our backyard that is home to a myriad of species, we cannot ever let this happen!

Our time on the water yesterday was breathtaking with calm waters, sunshine and nobody else but harbour seals, stellar sealions and numerous seabirds to observe our passing and not forgetting, the T101s and the T124A's, the biggs transient orcas who would have passed earlier in the morning and directly in front of where the turbine just east of Telegraph Cove if allowed, would be constructed. Orcas are on the move throughout this area year-round!

The overwhelming beauty that we looked out on yesterday, through Weynton Passage and down Johnstone Strait has compelled me to write this blog. We do not need a tidal turbine hydro energy grab in these waters! Alternate clean energy is good, but not in these pristine waters where nature provides for the livelihood of so many species year-round.  We humans first need to wake up and consider the colossal amount of hydro energy that is wasted every single minute around the globe and especially in cities, big and small, where the lights are never dimmed. How wasteful is this and how stupid are we humans in allowing this to happen! And now, that a company has the idea to generate energy by tidal turbines and that it be constructed in a wilderness area that is absolutely critical to marine habitat, to make up for the shortfall and wastefulness of humans, is absurd! We humans have got it badly wrong and change is badly needed in the way in which we treat our precious planet earth.

Please check and carefully read the information posted by Jackie and if you do not have time to read through it all, simply write from your heart with your passion and tell it the way it is from your perspective no matter from where you live in the world. Your perspective as a previous passenger on board the S.V. Tuan or from another vessel, perhaps a kayak, by writing your comment and saying NO now, it will help to keep intact the integrity of a pristine habitat and wilderness area for a myriad of species including whales, dolphins and humans in the years to come.

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