A beautiful day touring through the islands, a humpback whale and bald eagles fishing++

How wonderful was our day of touring through the Plumper Island beautiful waterways, spending time with a humpback whale named Ojos Blancos / White Eyes named because of the two little white dots on the right half of the fluke, thanks to both Christie and Jackie for the id www.mersociety.org . On our way back through Weynton Passage, the current had turned to flood and the energy had changed greatly. Some 30 bald eagles that we had seen soaring in thermals high in the sky earlier, were now in a feeding frenzy, feeding on a bait ball driven to the surface by rhinoceros aukets++ and pacific loons. It made for some very exciting viewing! We also enjoyed the dall's porpoises who rode at the bow of our boat briefly before turning back to feed. Also seen today: harbour seals, black oyster catchers, a great blue heron, marbled murrelets, pigeon guillemots and gull species. IMG_1365 IMG_1395 IMG_1288IMG_1316 IMG_1314 IMG_1307 IMG_1302