A fantastic day with some quiet moments spent in the presence of a humpback whale named Ojos Blancos / White Eyes, as well as a minke whale sighting!

How fabulous was our day, with sunshine and sparkling waters and glorious hues of blue reflected in the sea and sky! Our encounter with the humpback whale Ojos Blancos was an exciting one and breathtaking to say the least! It was Roberto from Milan, Italy who first sighted the whale surfacing a distance behind our boat in Weynton Passage as we were making our way towards Blackfish Sound. Luckily for us, Roberto (now called our 'Whale Man'), was looking in the right direction at the right moment. We watched spellbound as the whale took its time circling back and forth in Weynton Passage in the flooding current. Taking some 3-10 minute dives with 6-13 breathes between dives, we so enjoyed watching this whale,  intent on feeding, unperturbed by our presence. Leaving the whale to forage, we carried on exploring the magical Plumper Island waterway's, observing numerous bald eagles and their nests and hauled out harbour seals, we also enjoyed a brief encounter of a small group of dall's porpoises riding at the bow of our boat. It was on our way home that we sighted a minke whale and although it was too far away to accurately identify the whale, thanks to Christie, we now know that both Bolt and Rapid were sighted in the area that we passed through today. We also observed: pigeon guillemots, stellar sea lions, rhinoceros auklets, belted kingfishers, cormorants (pelagic and double-crested), common murres, pacific loons, and gull species. Today's penned comments ~

It's been a great "first" whale experience! The sight of a close humpback whale makes you shiver with excitement and gratefulness.... Thank you so much for sharing your whale stories with us. Alessandra & Roberto (The Whale Man).

Ps: we will be back for the orcas. ~ Milan/Rome, Italy

Beautiful sunny day on the water. Dall's porposes and a multitude of eagles. The star of the show (and a check on my bucket list) was the humpback whale. The scones and tea were fantastic, really good tea - strong in a brown betty. Maureen and Dave are really knowledgeable and obviously love this gorgeous place. Will recommend this trip to everyone. The boat is smooth and sturdy. Thank you for a great day ~ Lois, Todd and Sam, Parksville, BC

What a beautiful day on the boat. Happy to see a humpback and minke whale and also porpoises! Second time for me with Seasmoke, first time for Bikkki. Thank you Dave and Maureen! I'm sure we will be back. ~ Kim & Biiki, Ontario

Had a wonderful time. Thank you! First time on a sail boat. Was a beautiful peaceful day. Thanks so much for the information shared about the marine life. Spectacular sighting of the humpback, made my day.                                    Thanks ~ Lisa & Jeff, Vancouver, BC

Dear people, It was a wonderful trip. We enjoyed it very much. It was a spectacular!

Thank you so much for everything. ~ Martin en Yvonne from Holland.

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