A fantastic day of viewing ~ a breaching humpback whale and bow-riding dalls' porpoises!

IMG_1552What an incredible day we all shared ! Early on in the tour we enjoyed the thrill of dall's porpoises joining us and riding at the bow of our boat. The scenery today was magnificent with kelp forests glistening in the sunshine and the island waterways were precious and timely as we quietly made our way and hauled out harbour seals were unperturbed as we passed on by. It was in Blackfish Sound where we encountered a humpback whale moving quickly in the fast ebbing current and were totally unprepared when it suddenly breached near the stern of our boat taking us all by surprise. Having glimpsed the whale only briefly before it disappeared on a dive, our last sighting of the whale was several 100 meters away, hence our utter disbelief and sheer excitement at seeing it airborne! Some on board were lucky to have their camera's click at just the right moments and obtained some wonderful photo's! It breached a second time and then lay holding its pectoral fin high. How awesome and unforgettable were those moments of sheer 'power and momentum'! From the markings on its fluke and dorsal fin, we identified the whale as 'Guardian', our first sighting of this whale for us this summer! Guardian has frequented our waters since 2011 and is one of many who is regulary seen throughout our summer and early fall months. Also observed today: a mink, river otters, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, pacific loons, bald eagles and gull species.

Today's penned comments:     Very likeable and informative trip! Thank you. The humpback whale (Guardian) showed us how mighty they can be and the shots!!! Thanks for the fantastic photo's. Martine and Christian ~ Germany

The humpback whale is here and it was very magnificent! Photo's and video, unbelievable! Fantastic!   Porpoises photo's also. Thank you so much Maureen and David. The voyage was so wonderful! Evelyn & Jos ~ Netherlands/France

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