It is the people that we meet along the way that make our time out on the water so inspiring and memorable!

So often over the years we have come to the conclusion that it is the people onboard our vessel who truly make our time out on the water, equal in importance as to the beauty that abounds and surrounds us! Many people have walked through our lives over the past 29 years that we are so grateful and thankful for; people whose lives have touched our own in a very special way. I will never forget a young woman from New York City who, when diagnosed with breast cancer, her husband  post phoned their honeymoon until months after his wife's chemotherapy treatment. Together they drove between Courtenay and Campbell River early one morning on the Old Island Highway, only to be hit midway by a drunken driver and suffering minor injuries it delayed their whale watching tour out with us by one week. The day that they came out with us, in June, some 25 years ago, we observed orcas for the first time that season! We talked about her story and she relayed to me her wish to see orcas. For all that she had been through, this brave young woman counted her blessings and was so excited and grateful at seeing the orcas because of their delay caused by the car accident. Had they come out a week earlier as they had originally intended, she recognized that they would not have seen them. I told her that while I would forget her face and name, that I would never forget her story and I never have! Time and again, people have walked our way and shared their story, their dreams and aspirations, their passions and so have we with them! How wonderful it is to share with others, enthralled by the immense beauty of our surroundings and the cetaceans whose presence we all revere so greatly. IMG_0609 IMG_5239 IMG_0327 IMG_8269 IMG_7989 IMG_7891