Five humpback whales, pacific white-sided dolphins and bald eagles feeding on a bait ball ~ brilliant viewing!

IMG_2507 IMG_2569 IMG_2499 IMG_2487 IMG_2479 IMG_2611 IMG_2605 IMG_2610 IMG_2592 IMG_2611 What an amazing day we shared, unbelievably so! While the clouds hung low and shoreline fog lingered briefly when we headed out, soon the sun was warm upon our faces and the sky and sea was bright with reflected light where beautiful shades of blue emerged. Initially we enjoyed viewing two pacific white-sided dolphins swimming nearby, a few more and then some 50 ++  spread across Blackfish Sound. They were feeding as were the three humpback whales we observed making their way in wide circles in Blackfish Sound. It was fantastic viewing, especially when several dolphins were observed leaping ahead of and around one of the humpback whales! It could not have been better when a bait ball suddenly formed where numerous rhinoceros auklets had gathered and the viewing of bald eagles flying in to grasp at the tiny fish with their talons was very exciting to watch. As we made our way west in Blackfish Sound we sighted two more humpback whales travelling east bringing our count to five individual humpback whales in the area to day, the most that we have encountered while on tour this summer! Also seen: dall's porpoises, harbour seals, common murres, belted kingfishers, pelagic cormorants, pigeon guillemots, bald eagles++ and gull species.

Today's penned comments: Thank you for an amazing tour through the islands and for the laughter and conversations shared as the dolphins swam alongside the boat and while the humpback whales were feeding. Thank you for allowing my children to be Captain of the boat, you are both truly amazing and should video tape your journals. Thank you for an amazing day, drinking tea and my daughter eating your delicious muffins and scones. Mom, Pippa, Parker & Ron ~ Victoria/ Port McNeill.

I had always wanted to see a humpback whale and so today was wonderful!! Ian, Jill and Ella ~ Wales, UK