Moments that memories are made of while viewing four humpback whales!

IMG_2718 IMG_2774 IMG_2757 IMG_2666 IMG_2658 IMG_2657 IMG_2718It was another beautiful day with clouds converging in glorious shades of colour, a few rain drops fell followed by sunshine that soon had us peeling off our heavy layers! Early on in our tour a small group of pacific white-sided dolphins were briefly sighted passing us heading west. The lighting was exceptional today, everywhere one looked: east in Johnstone Strait, out through Weynton Passage and down Blackfish Sound, making the beautiful blow of our first humpback whale sighted highly visible and soon a total of four humpback whales were countered; all spread out in Blackfish Sound. At our time of viewing there was not a breath of wind, the whales were relaxed and moving slowly in wide circles, feeding in the flooding current.  Also seen: dall's porpoises, harbour seals, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, bald eagles, black oyster catchers, belted kingfishers, pigeon guillemots, pelagic cormorants, marbled murrelets and gull species. Today's penned comments:

Great day out on the water, best place in the world. JB.B ~ Nanaimo, BC

Thank you for this wonderful tour passing all the little islands. It was great to see the whales.                                 Julia and Michael ~ Germany

Thanks for this wonderful and relaxing day on the water. We really had a great time! Manu & Sara ~ Belgium

More eagles than we could count and several humpbacks made this a very memorable trip. It was lovely to come back after so many years and share this treasure with our kids. Thanks for a great experience and the yummy devonshire tea! Tracy, Chaz, Ella and Lucas ~ Coquitlam, BC

Wonderful day on the water! Georgeous whales and wildlife! Great Experience. Katia & Daniel ~ Italy