Life happens ~ even while viewing humpback whales!

IMG_2886 IMG_2867 IMG_2866 IMG_2864 IMG_2841 IMG_2830 IMG_2886 IMG_2824 IMG_2809 IMG_2802 IMG_2801 IMG_2798 IMG_2785Glorious life ~ it teaches us in so many ways, the best ways are the simple ways and things in life and simplicity! I am blogging this late in the evening, watching the sunset late, while a pinky orange glow alights in the sky, the moon is a full golden globe looking to the south east while waves are still crashing on the beach here in Alert Bay; the aftermath of the heavy NW winds blowing today. Birthday celebrations and Anniversaries shared with family and dear friends and now 'just a little blog'!  The humpback whales today were divine, four at least we observed, all of them were well spread out and passing back and forth in Blackfish Sound, all the while the wind blew hard and awakened our senses wonderfully, we sailed, spending time in vibrant upwelling waters where dalls porpoises were also seen feeding nearby the humpback whales and above on high, bald eagles soared! A tug and tow entering Blackney Passage caught our attention, it was loaded to the hilt and looked to be headed far, to the Arctic we had to wonder with snow plough blades, buses and boats galore onboard and Bowhead written in bold lettering symbolically on the side of the barge (with a bowhead whale tail artfully placed inside the letter O). So often Blackfish Sound is empty of vessels and we have often been alone, but today, several boats were out upon the waters that are inside and make up part of the 'Inside Passage' as one heads north!  A beautiful silver necklace of small silver fish lay atop the water, worked up from depths below by the diving seabirds (rhinoceros auklets and common murres) but, because the winds were blowing and the waves were high, the bald eagles could not reach them try as they might, the opportunity was lost to them! Today's penned comments: Thank you for the great adventure. It is the way to go in the NW. Closer to nature. Closer to the water and closer to Neptune! Goddess of wind and breath make the rest. Hot tea is unforgettable.                            Ewa & Krzysztof ~ Poland

Thanks for the lovely trip. We enjoyedf it very much. Lots of humpback whales and an impressive big ship with buses on it going north. We really liked the muffins , scones and tea. Thank you for the warm suits. Dorhout Family ~ Netherlands.

An unbelievable trip. The spectacular whales, it was unbelievable! Gerard, Hilda, Ernest & Deborah ~ Switzerland.