Humpback Whales, Pacific White-sided Dolphins and incredibly beautiful tour!

IMG_0405 IMG_0403 IMG_0406 IMG_0439 IMG_0453 IMG_0455 IMG_0474 IMG_0488 IMG_3643 IMG_3664With a sea looking like glass and the sun shining bright, today was a memorable one.  We passed a number of Dall's Porpoises, saw a total of four Humpback Whales, Harbour seals, Bald Eagles++, seabirds++ (Rhinoceros Auklets, Common Murres, Marbled Murrelets, Pigeon Guillemots, Belted Kingfishers and Gull Species), a Stellar Sea Lion and a Black-tailed Deer grazing high up on a rocky Island! All wonderful creatures, but the highlight was a nice surprise viewing of 30-50+ (hard to count!) Pacific White-sided Dolphins who have not been seen in the area as of late. They were all travelling close together, their curved fns visible on the surface of the water and we were able to clearly see their bodies just below the water when they dived, some passing close alongside the boat while we sat idle and drifting in the current. As we made our way from them, some swam briefly at our bow and alongside before joining the group a distance away. With all of these marine mammal and seabird sightings, ever increasing as the days go by, it is evident that the season is beginning to bring forth in the heavy tidal currents and ocean upwellings, feed enough to welcome them all. We are fortunate to have access to an area that has so much marine activity, and increasingly so, right off the docks in both Alert and Alder Bay's. Those who have the opportunity to come for a tour with us, leave knowing that they have experienced a very special part of the world and ocean kingdom!

"We made it a point to travel to North Vancouver Island just to do the Sea Smoke cruise. The crew and other passengers were wonderful. Good food and we learned a lot. Saw the whales, too!" Gary & Judy, Boston, Massachusetts

"We had a very great day with lovely weather and lovely dolphins and whales. It was an amazing and very touching experience for us. Thank you" Irena & Jochen, Czech Republic/ Germany