Brilliant viewing of Humpback Whales ~ another gorgeous day on the North Island!

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There was sunshine again today out in the Archipelago where we enjoyed viewing Dall's Porpoise's and numerous Pacific Harbour Seals hauled out on the rocks while Bald Eagles were seen perching on tree tops and islands throughout the tour.

The first Humpback Whale that we spent our time viewing was Conger, identified by Jackie from Marine Education and Research Society

The four Humpback Whales that we saw today were spread out over a wide area in Blackfish Sound, some were taking long dives in amongst large gatherings of seabirds, mostly Rhinoceros Auklets but also Common Murres, where the feeding of the birds and whales was intensive and where we enjoyed some very nice viewing. As we went by a massive gathering of birds near Blackney Passage we knew there must be good feeding when the auklets were seen skimming the water rapidly, in partial flight mode that from a distance looked to be the movement of dolphins. Suddenly there was a huge splash and the humpback whale who we had been watching and had disappeared on a dive was now airborne, breaching, time and again, as well, one of its large pectoral fins was visible above the water.  It was an amazing sight and one not often seen, especially with the multiple breaching! Also seen: Black Oyster Catchers, Great Blue Herons, Marbled Murrelets, White-winged Surf Scoters and Gull Species.

Today's penned comments: "Beautiful trip :) thank you." Megan and Hunter, Port Hardy, BC

"Thanks for the warm welcome! We really enjoyed it! It was a perfect day, the weather was very good and were really excited from seeing these lovely animals from so nearby. Happy whales make happy people :)!" Geerr, Katrien, and Jonen, Belgium

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