Fantastic viewing of Humpback Whales ~ a brilliant day despite the rain that we so badly need!

IMG_3853 IMG_19700101_201240 IMG_19700101_201227 IMG_19700101_195057A dozen souls braved the clouds and rain today to see what we could find.  It was a mother and her pup among the hauled out Pacific Harbour Seals that got everyone's excited eye. We caught sight of a bait ball with vast numbers of seabirds and bald eagles soaring overhead and diving for a meal, it was a perfect place to find a Humpback Whale! We observed some exceptional sightings of a lunge feeding Humpback Whale displaying its throat pleats (aka throat grooves) and where the purpose of the pleats was clearly visible to all on board. We continued on, making our way across Blackfish Sound passing Dall's Porpoises on the way and viewing a mother and her calf among them, what a tiny little creature it was! We caught sight of two more Humpbacks travelling together, one we identified as "Stripe" while off in the distance you could see great splashes as another Humpback Whale was breaching over and over again and what a great display that was! These happy humpbacks tell us that summer is here, and the feeding has begun! What a wonderful trip, great fun had by all and nothing beat's a 'little rain on one's face"! "Thanks alot for your hospitality. Despite the rather bad weather we were very happy seeing several humpbacks on our tour. Definitely a "must do" when on Vancouver Island." Nicole & Erich, Switzerland

"We appreciated your genuine love for the nature, its creatures and flora. It was a wonderful day, full of excited moments. Thank you for making it happen for us to encounter the beautiful whales. Humpback, Dalls Porpoise, be safe all of you" Tanya & Armin, Germany

What a wonderful outing! We saw so much active wildlife! What a special day. Thank you so much for being so aware of our surroundings and actively participating with all of us! " Jason, Alena, Aidan & Mackenzie, Airdrie, Alberta

"An excellent adventure, worth coming from Ireland" Noreen, Ireland

"Thanks for the rain" Jenn and Aidan from Port Hardy

Blog today by Sarah