A moment in time ~ orcas speeding on by right in front of the Bay!

How good does it get to be talking on the phone at 8. 28 p.m. to New Zealand when glancing out the window by chance I saw one fin, and thinking that it was a minke whale I looked a second time thinking yes, a minke whale, and then suddenly wow! Orcas, 5-6 of them including a tall dorsal (male). They surfaced again just ahead of the green light off the Nimpkish River reef area and then they disappeared on a long dive, reappearing at the green can bouy where I could barely make them out. How fantastic to see their passing and just by fluke I might add! The two photo's of the orcas are not good but the best that were taken considering the distance away, unfortunately our 400 mm lens is still away being repaired.  They have to be Biggs Transients, and moving very quickly past the Bay! What a fabulous day it has been and as I post this, the sound of a Bald Eagle is crying out in the background... .IMG_3907 IMG_3905 IMG_3916