Superpod Day of Orca's ~ A and R-Clans and Humpback Whales as well!

IMG_4766 IMG_4761 IMG_4758 IMG_4756 IMG_4746 IMG_4748 IMG_4744 IMG_4742 IMG_4710 IMG_4707 IMG_4706 IMG_4691 IMG_4686 The word today was SUPERPOD! We saw so many different families of orca, the A's and R's...they were calling, and breaching, and tail slapping the water. It was a great orca event! It brought tears to my eyes as they passed under the boat. We had a fabulous visit with them, and the viewing was superb! The A30's, A24's, A34's, A46, A23's, A25's, R17's, R4's and R5's were in the wonderful mix this morning. Guardian the humpback whale seemed very excited as she flapped her enormous pectoral fin in the air and water! The orcas turned around right after that and came swimming back towards us, passing under the boat unbelievably yet again! There were bald eagles, red-necked phalaropes, common murres and rhinoceros auklets all around us as we shared this fantastic experience, these are the days we live for!

Today's penned comments: "Really nice that we have seen such a lot of orcas! I think it's really nice that there are only a few people on the boat so that everyone has plenty of room." Brom, Family from Holland

"An amazing day, very memorable, countless orca and a very flamboyant humpback. Thank you to Mike and Sarah for making today so special." Sandra & Mark, Scotland

"Excellent experience, great skipper and deckhand. Informative and knowledgeable" David, Castlemaine, Australia

"Awesome day - starting with such a lovely boat, wonderful personable experience with Sarah and Mike and a great day for whales. Thank you so much" Janet, Castlemaine, Australia

"This was my 4th time out with Seasmoke. Different every time but always wonderful!" Gary Badke, Kelowna