A fabulous day viewing A-Clan Orcas: A24's, Humpback Whales and bow-riding Dall's Porpoise!

IMG_4832 IMG_4815 IMG_4813 IMG_4807 IMG_4800 IMG_4793 IMG_4790 IMG_4783 IMG_4810 We enjoyed seeing some lovely cetaceans and other fauna today. It was a peaceful morning with harbour seals bobbing about in kelp forests, bald eagles (juvenile and adult) were soaring high in the sky while black turnstones and black oystercatchers could be heard calling across the water. All of a sudden there were a few big splashes at the bow of the boat and dall's porpoise were seen swimming along with us! It was quite spectacular to see their white patches so clearly under the water as they swam and darted alongside and it was good to see other sightings of them throughout the tour.

We caught a few glimpses of a humpback whale in Blackfish Sound and another nice viewing of Guardian the humpback whale in Johnstone Strait. She was fluking, resting and slowly bobbing at the surface. We were just about to turn around when we got a report of orcas westing towards us in the Strait and decided to linger and make it a longer trip and because of it, we caught a beautiful viewing of the fast swimming A24's. We made our way back home in Johnstone Strait with salmon jumping all around us.

"I had a very great day seeing the humpback whale and orcas, but my favourite was the Dall's Porpoise swimming next to us, meeting very friendly people, was nice too. I had an AWESOME day. Thanks! (Thank you Sarah) Rain, Bainbridge Island, WA

"Fabulous day on the water. Nice crew and fellow wildlife enthusiasts. Thank you for such a nice day and for taking the extra time to find us some orca. The baby was super active and jumping like crazy." Kimberly and Richard, Bainbridge Island, WA

"Fantastic trip again with Seasmoke. Great wildlife and weather. Thank you!" Jane Tucker, Wales

"Amazing day seeing orca, humpbacks, Dall's Porpoises, Bald Eagles. Thank you for the experience." Nathan Patton, Kentucky

"It was fantastic! Seeing orcas has been our dream, and the dream came true :). This means a lot for us. Thank you very much for the great time, and we promise that we will do something to save the orcas and this beautiful earth!" Nobuko & Masako, Japan

"This trip was amazing. I've never seen orcas before. Thank you." Frederieke Schmidt, Germany