Magic once more with Orcas in Blackfish Sound, the A34's with A46 ~ sightings that memories are made of!

IMG_4869 IMG_4889 IMG_4893 IMG_4876 IMG_4875 IMG_4865 IMG_4852 IMG_4850 The mist and rain did not keep our happy spirits away for there was too much to see in the way of cetaceans and sea life today. We caught up with the A34s at the back of Malcolm Island, A46 was ahead of them out in the lead. The orcas were all spread out as they swam into Blackfish Sound, they were feeding as they went and we listened to their wonderful A-Clan calls via our hydrophone and were witness to a couple of orcas fishing close by. They were on the move, making their way steadily East in the Sound and we had some great viewing on the glassy sea. We could also clearly see Dall's Porpoise feeding in the distance while Harbour Seals (their heads), kept popping up here and there. Common Murres were calling out and Rhinoceros Auklets as well as the Murres, both species were flying in all directions around us.

A little drizzle began but it was quite refreshing as we made our way quietly through the calm and beautiful Passage, often termed "Romantical Pass". We passed by Bald Eagles, adults and juveniles, and off in the distance we could hear a Humpback Whale surfacing and caught sight of her just in time to see that beautiful fluke! It was a fantastic day once more with so much marine life to observe and listen to, the vocalizations of the A-Clan orcas were wonderful and added greatly to the acoustics of the day along with those of the birdlife!

Today's penned comments:

"Another lovely day on the some great photos and even greater memories to take home" Brian and Jane Tucker, South Wales

"Doug has enjoyed not only whales but also a lot of conversations and learned about orca family history and so on. 120% happy!! Toshiko was happy with fabulous Devonshire scones".        Vancouver, BC