An amazing day spent in the company of Humpback Whales and Gulls and Bald Eagles who were feeding on herring balls!

IMG_5612 IMG_5624 IMG_5614 IMG_5613 IMG_5609 IMG_5642 IMG_5633 IMG_5630 IMG_5627 IMG_5626 IMG_5658 IMG_5656 IMG_5654 IMG_5645 IMG_5625 We saw more harbour seals than we've seen all season hauled out on an exposed rock in the super low tide this morning. We made our way in the fog toward the bottom of Blackfish Sound where there were some five Humpback Whales feeding, one we identified as Guardian. Another we observed swimming very close to the cliffs which was fabulous to watch and we had some exceptional viewing with wonderful flukes to be seen! We also saw a very large stellar sea lion who looked like he might have had a bite taken out of him, he appeared to be okay because we saw him feeding and fending off gulls. On our way home we had a great view of hundreds of gulls and several bald eagles swooping in on a herring ball in the current in Weynton Passage, it was quite the sight to see. It was another successful day on the water and yes, we sailed with the whales in the light westerly winds that were blowing! Also seen today: dall's porpoise, common murres, rhinoceros auklets, red-necked phalaropes, gull species, pelagic cormorants and bald eagles.

Today's penned comments:

"Very good sailing. Many whales and scones :). Magnifique!" Julien and Agnes, France

"Lovely trip, we really enjoyed ourselves." Cindy and John, mid-island Nanoose

"Merci vieten Rank, thank you, exciting sailing." Ursula, Thomas, and Geraldine, Switzterland