A beautiful mix of fog and sunshine with Orcas: A23's, A25's, A34's/A46, A4's and Humpback Whales ~ sailing quietly with them this afternoon!

IMG_5695 IMG_5694 IMG_5693 IMG_5685 IMG_5683 IMG_5722 IMG_5721 IMG_5720 IMG_5702 IMG_5698 IMG_5696 It was an emotional mix of sun and fog, and the heavy tides of the blue moon brought us two exceptional trips. It was wonderful! Our Captain woke up to orca calls and knew it was going to be a good day. We caught up with the A23s/ A25s and A34's with A46 in the lead and it was a magical viewing to see them in the mist and then they disappeared into some very thick fog. All of a sudden, one orca appeared through the fog spy-hopping, exposing half of its body. There was a breach a few minutes later! Not to mention the beautiful humpback whales who were all around, in close proximity to their cetacean relatives. One humpback was tail lobbing and trumpeting in the distance. As we approached the area we noticed some quick swimming small fins and realized that there were pacific white-sided dolphins amongst us! They came along beside us, were bow-riding briefly and then they disappeared. In the afternoon, at one point it seemed as if we were surrounded by orcas while in the distance humpback whale blows could be seen and we had a good visit with Guardian the humpback whale amongst the hundreds of gulls. Light winds enabled us to hoist our sail and we were able to sail quietly along with the orcas. There were other orcas swimming further ahead of us as well, and we could see small rainbow blows in the distance as the sun broke through the clouds. Bald eagles, adult and juveniles, were soaring high and to top it all off, the day closed for us with dall's porpoise charging around all over the sparkling water.

Today's penned comments: "Excelente aventura :)!" Ramon, Mexico

"Thanks for an awesome experience!" Liesbeth and Aarjan, The Netherlands

"We have seen very many species, great views. Thank you for the lovely scones and tea. We enjoyed this trip and the many pictures we can use to remember this day" Family Tilman, the Netherlands