A myriad of species actively feeding ~ the viewing was superb!

IMG_6608 IMG_6602 IMG_6601 IMG_6643 IMG_6640 IMG_6611 IMG_6574 IMG_6572 IMG_6589 IMG_6596 IMG_6583 The weather today turned from a cool morning with a grey sky and sea to a beautiful sunny afternoon. Our first sighting of humpback whales began on the south side of the Plumper Islands where there were two of them, they were feeding alongside a countless number of rhinoceros auklets and common murres. Two more humpback whales and a group of stellar sea lions where sighted near the bottom of Blackfish Sound, where we observed them intensively lunge feeding surrounded by large flocks of red-necked phalaropes. It was fantastic viewing to say the least and we were all made so aware of their immense size and sheer beauty. Cruising back through the islands our other sightings included: bald eagles, male harlequin ducks, dall's porpoise, harbour seals, gull species and a great blue heron.

Today's penned comments:

"Thank you we loved it! Wonderful, friendly service. More "locals" should experience the wonder of our whales and rugged coastlines." Summer and Andy Crosson, Victoria, BC

"Like this flour, food is delicious. No orcas so far but some whales that was pretty cool. Kids liked it too." Peter, Hans, Kylian and Cas, The Netherlands

"Third trip for Amy, 1st time for Tom. Had a great! Love seeing the humpback whales! Never seen them before. Thanks." Tom & Amy Kells, Ontario

"Our second trip with the Tuan was not less exciting as the first trip 2 days ago. Again without orcas but with seals, sea lions, eagles and humpback whales and, of course, with muffins and scones. Thank you very much again! Christoph & Anna, Germany

"What a delightful morning! Thank you for a wonderful trip and being able to see a lot of humpback whales. The naturalist was very knowledgeable and was a great plus. The muffins, biscuits and jelly and tea were a great extra. We will definitely recommend this cruise to our friends. Disappointed in not seeing orcas but that is how it goes sometimes. Thanks for a great trip. " Rex and Nancy Fockler, AZ

"Amazing trip as always! Wonderful company, commentary, food and drink. Orca's, humpbacks, seals, sea lions and eagles galore. Lunging humpbacks were a delight! Thanks for everything, look forward to coming back next year! Lots of love, Aussie Michelle