Whale watching at its best ~ A magnificent day of viewing Cetaceans big and small!

IMG_6730 IMG_6723 IMG_6720 IMG_6687 IMG_6801 And what a day we had! The weather was gloomy with rain that came and went and came and went, but the viewing was superb for orcas, humpback whales, dall's porpoise and pacific white-sided dolphins, and while there is so much to write about, the photo's say it all! From beautiful and intimate viewings of the A30's, especially of A38 rubbing on a small pebbled beach outside of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. Viewings of two sisters, swimming in their matrilineal family groups, A50 and A54, separate from each other yet not far apart in distance, of humpback whales lunge and trap feeding, of dolphins charging back and forth around the orcas, passing us so briefly and riding on our bow as they went by. Dall's porpoises who later came onside and rode at our bow as well, flocks of red-necked phalaropes, stellar sea lions swimming by, common murres, rhinoceros auklets++ and gull species ++ gathered alongside of humpback whales to feed, all of it was phenomenal! How fortunate we were to partake in such magnificence and beauty, the rain and clouds mattered not one bit!

**Please note, the photo's are very slow loading to the blog this evening, more photo's will be uploaded and added in the morning!

** Photo's taken by telephoto lens and have been cropped for better viewing.

Today's penned comments: "Amazing orcas rubbing on the shore and feeding humpbacks all around. Just great! Graeme and Rob Saunders, Courtenay, BC

"Thank you for this amazing trip! We had a once in a lifetime experience and will remember this as the highlight of our holiday! " Martin & Corinne, Switzerland

"We enjoyed the trip very much. Thank you."  Martina & Wolfgang, Germany Ps: "We like BC's whales and Maureen's cookies!!!"

"Thank you for the sailing trip with wonderful sights of whales, orcas's, seals, dolphins. I think that I have amazing pictures! Natanja & Paul, Netherlands

"Thank you for the amazing sailing trip! And for all your sharing of muffins and scones. The weather was a bit rough with all of the clouds and some rain, but it made the views very mystic! We definitely will recommend this to our friends!" Best, Jennita & Thias,  Netherlands

"This kind of trip was pretty amazing. You two gave us the opportunity to see wonderful animals of the sea. That was a really nice experience  which we will hopefully never forget. Thanks. " Hanna, Uve, Christine, Germany

"The rain came then the whales came with their children, mothers and their brother, blowing in the silent sea. The dolphins flew in just as big brother swam near the ship. Amazing! Thanks for the tea." Susan & Joss (with you 28 years ago!).

"Thank you for the beautiful voyage" ~ family Otto from Germanie

"Thank you so much for the lovely trip and amazing company and food! This trip was as wonderful as the last two!" Ruedi, Andrea, Scarlett, Sabrina & Michi