A beautiful morning spent in the company of orcas, numerous humpback whales, porpoises and dolphins!

IMG_8938 IMG_9066 IMG_9052 IMG_9017 IMG_9013 IMG_9005 IMG_8997 IMG_8989 IMG_8958 IMG_8930 IMG_8927 IMG_8902 IMG_8899 IMG_8871 IMG_8859 IMG_8854 IMG_8848It was a beautiful day spent in the presence of cetaceans who kept us all fully occupied looking at them in all directions at all times! Heading out through Cormorant Channel this morning we encountered our first humpback whale sighting followed by another in Weynton Passage. Humpback Whale blows could be seen a distance away this morning as the lighting was 'just right' and more blows could be seen off Bold Head and further down in Blackfish Sound. The A30's were headed out towards the mainland coastline, moving north in the ebbing current and we observed them foraging intensely, along with a small group of pacific white-sided dolphins who were also feeding. It was wonderful to sit and drift in the current with our engine off and hydrophone deployed and as we drifted, the orcas foraged nearby and the dolphins were seen interacting with the younger orcas as well; it was a real treat watching their antics! Immersed in breathtaking beauty while listening to the A-Clan calls of the A30's was indeed a wondrous and intimate interlude in our morning. Our observing of this family of resident orcas, highly social and close in their family bonding, a brother (A38) and his two sisters (A50 & A54) and their off-spring, they were spread out and foraging as their mother A30 had taught them to do many years ago, it was heartwarming and so special to watch!

Humpback Whales never disappoint and we had wonderful viewing of several of them, including one that made its way close along the Plumper Islands, feeding in amongst kelp forests as it went along. Also seen: dall's porpoises riding at our bow briefly and feeding++, stellar sea lions, rhinoceros auklets, common murres, bald eagles, belted kingfishers, harbour seals, bald eagles, red-necked phalaropes and gull species.

Today's penned comments: "The beauty of this area did touch us indeed! Thank you so much for showing us the good spots and the whales. We will be dreaming of your delicious muffins and scones."   Christeph and Alejandra, Switzerland.

"This was a beautiful tour for us all. The area is very beautiful with so many different animals. To see the orca's was very special, also the whales etc. You were great hosts. The tea, muffins and scones were delicious!!! Greetings." Eric, Lars and Norella, The Netherlands

"A wonderful adventure awaits anyone who embarks on a Seasmoke Whale & Wildlife Tour. Our hosts were knowledgeable and gracious and patient for the photographers and most importantly as filled with wonder and joy at viewing orcas, humpbacks, murres, seals and sea lions as those of us who travelled just to see this beautiful coastal environment. A wonderful experience. Thank you."          Susan, Scott and Hannah. USA

'As a family, we've lived south of here in Seattle for around 12 years. Still, this was a completely new look at the ocean life, getting amazingly close to orcas, humpbacks and other marine mammals. The experience was capped off by a wonderful Devonshire Tea making a wholly enjoyable outing. " James, Angela, Roxanne and Mabel, Seattle, USA

"It was an amazing adventure. The wildlife was so close, the boat amazing and beautiful. Nice people on the boat. Muffins and scones are wonderful. It was very nice. Thanks for everything. " Nella, Holland