What else could one want ? Besides Orcas, Humpback Whales and Bald Eagles!

Starting off the morning with calm waters and beautiful sunshine may have foreshadowed the amazing trip we were about to experience. Heading toward Johnstone Strait, we were able to spot a few Dall's Porpoises swimming along before our encounter of Orcas. On both sides of Johnstone Strait, Orcas were heading west, allowing us to have a spectacular view of them as they swam past; we were also able to hear their amazing vocalizations and echo locations via our hydrophone. We continued east as the Orcas turned in the same direction. We watched as three orcas made their way, synchronized, surfacing and diving in unison across Johnstone Strait to meet up with their matriline, their dorsal fins glistened in the sunlight as they surfaced and it was absolutely beautiful watching their movement! While the spread of orcas was wide across the Strait, we believe that among the orcas that we were with this morning were the: I15's, G27's as well as the A23's and A25's and our viewing of them was wonderful! Leaving the Orcas, we made our way over to Cracroft Point and observed two Humpback Whales feeding and swimming in Blackney Passage. In Blackfish Sound, a cluster of Steller's Sea Lions swam along Hanson Island and in the distance, two other humpback whales were seen near Parsons Light. Spotting a bait ball forming as gulls swarmed above the water, moments later, a Humpback Whale lunged through the birds to feed on the herring! How fabulous is this world in which we live! The trip ended with a beautiful tour of the Plumper and Pearse Islands. Also seen: Harbour seals, Black Oystercatchers, Rhinoceros Auklets, Common Murres, a Great Blue Heron and Bald Eagles.

Today's penned comments: "Once again it was such an amazing experience to be with you on this tour.We are so grateful for all the intensive moments we have had on board. Thank you so much!"     Chris and Ale from Switzerland

"Thank you very much for the awesome time. It was a great experience in nature. Also, thank you very much for the hospitality on board with the stunning food. We really enjoyed the tour. "                          Jens & Ursula, Germany

"What a delight to spend the day with my pre-teen sons sharing my love of the ocean with them. Thank you! " Heather, Alex & Dominic, Kelowna, BC

"Great day with friendly people. Sun, orcas, humpbacks, muffins, eagles, scones ~ there's nothing else to expect! " Jana & Bjorn, Germany

"Great trip~ loads of orcas, humpbacks and eagles. What else could one want!?!?" Jan, Seattle, WA

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