Sunshine, blue sky and Humpback whales!

The weather change from yesterday was a brilliant turnabout and so today, the flip side of this beautiful place on earth was just that, another shade of beauty showing even more of its true colours. It was magic in the making! Today we enjoyed viewing two Humpback whales and a third whale was sighted a distance away. The whales were taking long dives and surfacing for a few breaths only before disappearing again on a deep dive. Other sightings included: Harbour seals, Dall's porpoises feeding in the current, Rhinoceros auklets, Common murres, Bald eagles++ and several of their nests, Belted kingfishers, a Great Blue heron, a Black oyster catcher and two Ancient murrelets.

Travelling home via numerous narrow passages added greatly to the enjoyment of the tour and the sun shinning upon the kelp forests was wonderful to see!