Humpback whales, Black-tailed deer, Mink and so much more. A glorious day on calm and glassy waters!

IMG_4943IMG_4950Our sightings today: Humpback whales, Harbour seals, bow-riding Dall's Porpoises, Stellar Sea Lions, Bald Eagles++, Belted Kingfishers, Black Turnstones, Cassin's Auklets, Common Murres, Rhinoceros Auklets, Black Oyster Catchers, one Mink, a Black-tailed deer with two fawns and Gull species. Our glorious BC summer has continued to spoil us with graciously bright and sunny skies and a shimmering ocean with hardly a ripple.  These calm conditions offer numerous opportunities to navigate through narrow passages in hope of seeing a variety of critters along the rocky outcrops and boulder beaches.

Today as our eyes gazed along the shore a Mink was sighted, scurrying along the kelp covered rocks in search of food. We were treated by a fabulous sighting of not only one Black tailed deer but a fawn alongside. This precious juvenile with its gangly legs, carefully balanced on the uneven terrain seemed relaxed as we drifted quietly by as the current carried us. Another young fawn was also seen nearby and is probably the same two fawns and mother that we observed two days ago.

The Humpbacks were easy to spot today due to the absence of wind and glassy seas. Out of the four Humpbacks we viewed today we recognised Blackpearl. Numerous other blows were sighted as far as the eyes could see which made for a slow and careful journey back to base.

At this time of year as we navigate these waters, it is crucial we keep a constant and careful watch. Humpbacks can surface at any time, going in any direction and as this is their home, where they eat, sleep, rest and travel, they always have the right of way. We are blessed to share in their magnificent presence, but it is important to remember that we are simply guests visiting for a short time their watery world in which they rely entirely on for their ultimate survival.