At​ one with the elements of nature ~

June 12th

Rain and wind did not keep us away from heading out on an afternoon tour to experience this stunning and picturesque area. The dramatic weather enhanced the beauty that surrounded us. Misty clouds whisked through the trees on the mountainsides, wind waves crashed over reefs and soaked the Harbour seals who lazed in the overcast conditions.
We travelled through protected passageways where wind could not touch us, and the calm, tranquil water gave us the chance to photograph numerous Eagles who dried their soggy winds in the South Easterly breeze. Innumerable Humpbacks, Stellar Sea lions and Harbour seals foraged in Weynton Passage where the strong flood current stirred up the nutrients from the sea floor. An added surprise to the tour was the sighting of a Minke Whale on the way home!
Our guests on board MV Seasmoke were delighted to be sheltered from the rain by our boat canopy but still intimate with nature being on a small boat nice and close to the water. At one with Nature, we were once again.