Wonderful sightings in Blackfish Sound ~

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June 13th
We experienced a break in the rain during our afternoon tour today; sunlight, patchy clouds and calm seas welcomed us.
We had a guest join us who had lived in Alert Bay in the early 70's. It was exciting for us all to be touring around his old stomping ground which included Orcalab on Hanson Island.
It was in this area where all the wildlife came out to play. At least five Humpbacks foraged just off the lab in Blackfish Sound, Dall's porpoise appeared on the glassy surface of the sea, and a vigorous Stellar Sea Lion slapped a salmon about, it was held securely in the sea lions jaws. Rhinoceros Auklets foraged as well; up they would pop from a dive with a small silver fish in its beak which glistened in the afternoon sun.
A beautiful day with delightful people and stunning wildlife and scenery. Thank you Northern Vancouver Island.