A fabulous summers day of viewing wildlife in and out of the water!

Blue sky and the glistening sun kept us company for the entire tour, even though a fog bank out to the North threatened to envelop us.

As we departed Alder Bay we stuck close to the shore where the low tide was fully exposed. Only minutes into our tour we observed a single Black bear foraging close to the edge of the water, turning over rocks and eating tasty crustaceans.
We journeyed East down Johnstone Strait and watched a pod of Dall's porpoise travelling in the glassy calm water. We drifted silently in the ebb tide between narrow passageways, stopping to gaze up at treetops where Eagles perched.
We soon came upon foraging Humpbacks that bucked current, diving shallow numerous times, then descending deep, their tail flukes lifting high towards the sky. We were able to identify one individual as Guardian which thrilled out guests who were then able to put a name to the photos they had taken.
Kelp forests glistened in the sun as well as the Harbour Seal heads that rose to the surface nearby the rocks and reefs we cruised by. We paused to watch a Black-tailed Deer observing us from a rocky shoreline; a surprise encounter like that of the Black Bear we had seen early in the tour.
It was a fabulous summers day on the water with so many more to come.