Awe-inspiring magic!

June 18, A mirrored sea and beautiful sunshine created a smooth and comfortable ride out to the groups of islands that make up this stunning area.

After picking up our guests in Alder Bay, we cruised along the low tide shoreline in the hope of seeing a Black bear foraging on the small organisms that live under seaweed covered rocks. We were astonished when we came across a mother with two cubs. As we watched, mum carried on foraging unperturbed while the cubs scurried further up the beach and watched us from afar.
We continued our journey through narrow channels where Harbour seals lazed on rocks exposed by the low tide. We stopped at an occupied Bald eagles nest and waited patiently for the Eaglet to raise its head, and it did for all of us to clearly see!
We were delighted to encounter a pair of Humpback whales, one much smaller than the other and soon identified them as Ripple and her calf. They foraged side by side, swimming in large circles and surfacing regularly. Suddenly, at least five Bald eagles arrived to feed on a bait ball of small schooling fish, and the Humpbacks soon joined them. How fabulous it was to see the enormous head and jaw of a whale rising from the sea, and the occasional long dangly pectoral fin appear as they feasted on the small schooling fish.
How grateful we were having witnessed such a sight and happy to know that today, the animals were well nourished.