Humpback Whales in their glory!

June 17th

The sky was completely blue with not a single cloud in it, and the ocean was like glass. Everything glistened today. The bull kelp, heads of Harbour seals and the backs of Porpoises and Humpbacks sparkled like diamonds as their water-soaked backs came up to the surface.

At the beginning of our tour, it was slack tide which meant the water lacked current and was still. This enabled us to get close to reefs and islands to look more intimately along the shore. From this vantage point, we viewed Bald Eagles which were delicately balanced on tops of trees and observed a young Eaglet in one of the nests. We have the privilege of spending the summer watching this little one grow.

We came across a mother Humpback and her calf. As the two of them surfaced side by side, we could see that one was so much smaller than the other. We saw the stunning display of a full breach as the smaller Humpback rose clear from the water and landed with a huge splash. It was an astonishing sight to see! As they swam slowly but steadily in all directions we watched and listened and with our engines turned off their breath could easily be heard.

Today felt like the first day of summer and how grateful we all were to be on the water witnessing all the sunshine and beauty.