A Family Day on the Water

oday was a family day. At least three families joined us on our tours, and two families of Orcas united in the pristine waterways of Blackfish Sound.

The morning marine layer hung low over the vibrant green hillsides, and by afternoon the sun had burned it off allowing the bright sun rays to touch the shores, the sea and the islands that surround this beautiful area. 

Both tours enjoyed seeing Humpbacks whales, Harbour Seals, Porpoises and birds, but the orcas stole the show both visually and in song on both tours! 

At first, we observed two orca families travelling in different areas. Youngsters frolicked, leaping clear out of the water, and tail slapped on occasion. The A30's were seen moving in a tight group therefore when our underwater microphone was deployed; there was not a single sound heard. It was only when the A42's arrived in the same vicinity that the vocals began and what magnificent sounds they created as they communicated with one another in a language we can only wish to understand.  

It is one thing to see these graceful beauties of the ocean, but to hear them vocalise is something extraordinary and we are so privileged to experience. 

Hayley ShephardComment